Advisory Lessons

While assembly programming and wider environmental approaches are great for inspiring energy and enthusiasm around ending bullying, the most important bullying prevention work happens in the daily work done by students and staff to build a culture of civility.

CivilSchools™ Advisory Lessons take students through 25 weeks of curriculum guaranteed to help them better understand the nature of bullying and their role in building a culture of civility in their school.

CivilSchools™ Advisory Lessons

CivilSchools™ Curriculum offers 3 units of 30-minute, highly-engaging lessons:

Unit 1 – Diagnosing the Problem
Addressing the idea that talking about “bullying” has become cliché, Unit 1 allows students to vocalize and discuss their understanding of the problem in their specific school community while understanding the nature of modern bullying.

Unit 2 – Envisioning Solutions
Unit 2 engages students in activities to imagine what a bullying-free school could look like and to understand how the concept of critical mass is vital to building a culture of civility.

Unit 3 – Being an UPstander
Utilizing the basic tools from our Student UPstander Intervention Trainings, Unit 3 offers students hands-on tools for changing culture, intervening when bullying is actually taking place, and for supporting those who have been impacted by bullying behavior.