The CivilSchools™ Curriculum

We at CivilSchools™ understand that if we are ever going to end bullying and build truly inclusive school culture, we have to engage every stakeholder in the educational community. Thus, our approach offers dynamic insights and actionable tools for educators, parents, and students, ensuring a collaborative educational environment where every person has a role in building a culture of civility.

Because no two schools are the same, CivilSchools™ guides your community through designing school-specific interventions that empower individuals to take action to respond to bullying while working in concert with the rest of the school community to build a bullying-free culture.

Our educator professional development modules combine teacher expertise with research-based strategies to give educators the insights and tools necessary to design interventions that work to end bullying when it’s taking place and build more inclusive school environments where all students feel safe.

Our parent engagement videos are broken into short, engaging conversations that help parents understand the powerful role they can play in preventing bullying and challenges them to build a strong relationship with their school to act as a partner in crafting inclusive environments.

Our student UPstander Intervention Training takes students through a day-long series of activities meant to make them the primary actors in the process of intervening when bullying is taking place and building a safer school culture that values diversity, empathy, and respect.

In addition to our day-long training, though, we also offer 25 weeks of lesson plans to engage the rest of the student body. The 30-minute lessons are packed with engaging activities, thought-provoking videos, and intriguing perspectives that are easily applied to your school’s “advisory” or “home room” periods or to any leadership or service learning courses.