Educator Professional Development

The tremendous focus on bullying in recent years has profoundly changed the job of every educator in every school, from teacher to support staff to after school staff member or administrator. Too often, though, the mandates handed down at the state or district level about addressing bullying are vague and don’t address the specific nature of bullying in each school.

CivilSchools™ recognizes that there cannot be a “one size fits all” approach to preventing and responding to bullying. Thus, our 3-module educator professional development takes staff through a step-by-step process of designing their own bullying prevention and response interventions to address the specific nature of campus culture and climate in your school.

Educator Professional Development

Module A – Understanding the Causes & Nature of Identity-Based Bullying

This module walks staff through the process of evaluating the specific nature of diversity in your school and understanding who is bullied and what bullying behavior looks like in your community.

Module B – Designing Interventions for Campus Public Spaces

Recognizing that classroom interventions and public space interventions must look different, Module B leads your entire staff through a process of designing specific, measurable, proactive, and preventative interventions for hallways, gyms, cafeterias, and school grounds.

Module C – Designing Classroom Interventions

Knowing that each teacher’s classroom culture is different, Module C offers teachers insights and tools for building more inclusive classroom culture and for responding to and preventing bullying that crops up in their educational space.