Eric Thompson – Director of Leadership Development

Jamie-HSWhether Eric is coaching high performing athletes or progressive leaders to fully realize their brilliance, he prides himself on educing greatness from those he works in a way that creates leverage for them and increases their influence.

Eric’s life’s task is to empower communities, organizations, and individuals by helping them increase the flow and exchange of ideas. Eric is the founder of Global Ascension Productions, a creative leadership-training firm, committed to serving students, educators, and socially conscious organizations.

Eric created a curriculum entitled The Brilliance Project that helps young people discover, develop, and deliver their unique talents to the world in a manner that elevates the collective brilliance of entire communities.

Eric lives in Tucson, AZ with his wife, and their four young children. When he is not in a classroom or boardroom developing leaders, you can probably find him on an athletic field coaching one of his kid’s teams.

“Eric is just one of those people you love being around, he makes you feel like anything is possible…my students sense that in him, as do my teachers.” 
- Lyle Dunbar, Principal, Richardson Elementary School, Tucson, AZ

“I played for a few legendary coaches throughout my career, they knew how to develop talent. Eric is in that league, he understands how to educe greatness and create conditions where creative expression becomes contagious.”
 – Joseph Blair, 
University of Arizona Basketball Coach and Executive Director of Blair Charity Group

“Eric is an amazing speaker with a very touching message, his ability to lead people through the growth process is incredible.” – Robin Moore, Serna Dun & Bradstreet