Jamie Utt – Founder and Director of Education

Jamie-HSBorn and raised in Western Colorado, Jamie Utt has had a commitment to truth seeking and justice from an early age. He earned his Bachelor’s of Arts in Peace and Global Studies from Earlham College where he dedicated his studies to conflict resolution and Middle Eastern Peace Studies. While at Earlham, Jamie spearheaded and supported many social justice efforts and worked as a sexual assault survivor’s advocate in a nationally-recognized sexual violence response, awareness, and prevention program.

Education, though, has always been his passion, and Jamie knows first hand that education is truly the key civil rights issue of the 21st century. He spent years teaching social studies on Chicago’s west side, working within a committed team to empower young people to unleash their brilliance on the world that often overlooks them. Jamie teaches that this nation’s knowledge-based economy demands that we provide young people from all backgrounds and circumstances with the education and skills necessary to become groundbreaking advocates for change. His consulting and training offers educators and students tools for transforming educational environments to ensure that every student realizes their full potential, for if we fail to help all young people develop their brilliance, the United States runs the risk of creating an even larger gap between the rich and the poor, which in turn, threatens our democracy, our society, and our economic future.

Since 2004, Jamie has worked as a consultant, educator, and trainer across the United States to build safer, more inclusive, and more justice-centered communities. One of the most dynamic new voices for change and inclusion today, his workshops and presentations have empowered thousands to take personal accountability for making this world a better place.