Bullying Prevention and Intervention Program for Parents

Everywhere you look, you hear about bullying, about its lifelong effects, and about the terrible cases of students who just couldn’t take it any more.

And parents are scared.

But few institutions are effectively reaching out to parents, engaging them as primary stakeholders in ending bullying and building more civil schools. We all know that it takes a village to raise a child… thanks to technology, it now takes a focused village taking deliberate action to prepare our children for the complex world they will face as adults.

But where do parents begin?

CivilSchools™ helps parents understand the nature of modern bullying while offering them tools and insights for protecting their own kids and for engaging their school community in building a culture of civility.

CivilSchools™ Bullying Prevention and Intervention Program for Parents

Recognizing that parents are busy but still deeply care about the issue of bullying, CivilSchools™ offers six streamable online videos with an accompanying downloadable workbook ranging in length from 6 to 15 minutes and covering:

    • The nature of modern bullying and how bullying has changed since they were in school
    • How to identify when your child is being bullied and how to intervene to protect them
    • How to know when your student is demonstrating bullying behavior and how to effectively intervene to prevent further bullying
    • Things parents can do to prevent bullying before it starts
    • How to intervene once you know bullying is already happening
    • The fundamentals of collaborating with your child’s school to address your bullying concerns and help build a bully-free culture and climate