In addition to premium-content trainings and curriculum, CivilSchools is proud to offer dynamic presentations and keynotes. Whether for conferences, school assemblies, or parent gatherings, our speakers are guaranteed to engage your audience in building a more inclusive educational community.

Derrick Gay HeadshotDerrick Gay

One of the most dynamic diversity and inclusion consultants and presenters in the United States, Derrick combines powerful storytelling with audience participation and media analysis to create transformative workshops and presentations for students, parents, and educators. An teacher and administrator with two decades of experience, Derrick has an acute knowledge of the inclusiveness challenges facing schools today.


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Jack Qu'emi Headshot

Jack Qu’emi

Jack is a nonbinary Boricua and transformational speaker and facilitator whose educational content addresses consent, the social constructs of gender/ biological sex, healthy relationships, safe(r) sex education, and LGBTQIPA+ inclusion and equity. With many years of experience, they are known for injecting humor into heavily academic concepts to make them more accessible for all audiences.

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Vanessa Roberts

Few speakers can captivate an audience with both substance and creative delivery as well as Vanessa Roberts. A self-titled “artivist,” combining  arts, activism, and academic practice, Vanessa is adept at using humor and storytelling to engage audiences in tough conversations about critical but delicate topics. If you’re looking for lasting presentations that your students will discuss for years to come, Vanessa is the perfect facilitator.


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Eric Thompson

Whether inside a locker room, boardroom, or on a stage, Eric masterfully leverages purposeful storytelling fueled with empathic concern to inspire civility and self respect. Very few speakers can get audiences to understand the power of empathy and how when used properly, is today’s competitive advantage within our distracted, globalized economy.

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Jamie Utt

Widely lauded for his ability to engage audiences in constructive conversations about the most difficult topics, Jamie has spoken to more than 250 conferences, colleges, universities, businesses, and K-12 schools. A former high school teacher, Jamie has a unique ability to make complex ideas accessible for any audience, and his presentations are sure to have audiences on the edge of their seat.

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S.Whitestone.HeadshotSara Whitestone

A powerfully engaging presenter, Sara entralls audiences with her dynamic story telling and passion for life. While living with a chronic illness, she raises awareness about accessibility issues in education and the STEM fields. As an advocate for change, she inspires her peers to take social responsibility and improve the well-being of their communities and consequently themselves.


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