Speakers: Eric Thompson


Pronouns: He, Him, His

Whether inside a locker room, boardroom, or on a stage, Eric masterfully leverages purposeful storytelling fueled with empathic concern to inspire civility and self respect. Very few speakers can get audiences to understand the power of empathy and how when used properly, is today’s competitive advantage within our distracted, globalized economy.

Eric’s Presentations

“The Bystander”

Length: 90 to 120 minutes Research shows that by equipping our young people with a specific set of skills, we increase their ability to engage in UPstander behavior that will protect them and their social network from making destructive decisions. This same set of specific skills will also strengthen their ability to establish meaningful and trusting relationships throughout their lives. Eric’s deeply poignant and personal story will challenge audience members to “put in the work” to fully realize their brilliance in an effort to build healthy communities that thrive. Participants will identify high leverage behaviors that support their specific community objectives and leave this presentation with a strategy to grow their influence and inspire pro-social action in others.

“The Empathy Engineer”

Length: 50-60 minutes We are living in a world where a person can have a thousand “friends” but still feel alone and misunderstood, where people are overwhelmed with information but are starving for wisdom. This presentation delivers actionable information that will empower audience members to leverage empathy to fuel connection. Eric will teach your audience a simple 3-step process that has been proven to increase pro-social behavior and build trust within a community. Engaging and informative, this presentation is ideal for high school audiences.

“The Trust Collector”

Length: 50-60 minutes Think of the most meaningful people in your life. You trust them, don’t you? Of course you do; trust is the foundation of every meaningful relationship.  This presentation was crafted specifically for middle school students and is designed to raise their awareness around issues related to bullying and neglect.  In this highly-engaging, visually-driven presentation, your middle school students will gain a deeper understanding of how trust turns into social capital and has a compounding effect on their world.



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