Speakers: Jack Qu’emi

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Pronouns: They, Them, Theirs

Jack Qu’emi is a nonbinary Boricua and transformational speaker and facilitator whose educational content addresses consent, the social constructs of gender/ biological sex, healthy relationships, safe(r) sex education, and LGBTQIPA+ inclusion and equity. They have been facilitating educational programming since 2011 and are known for injecting humor into heavily academic concepts while making them more accessible for all audiences.

Jack’s Presentations

“Gender 101″

Length: 60 to 90 minutes
Ideal Audience: Teachers, College Students

This dynamic presentation explains the difference between sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, and gender presentation to audiences new to these concepts. Ever heard of romantic orientation? Pansexuality? Demiromanticism? Jack will explain some terminology and lay out what these words mean, how they are different, and how these words are helping people discover themselves as well as find community!

“Allyship: You’re Doing It Wrong”

Length: 40-60 minutes
Ideal Audience: Any

Being an ally is a wonderful thing, but sometimes what you think is making you an ally is actually abusive. In this presentation, Jack leads audiences through understanding what being an ally means, if it’s a title you can pick up, and what it entails. Get ready for some radical group discussion!

Queer-Oriented Safe(R) Sex Education

Length: 60-90 minutes
Ideal Audience: College+

For most of us, sex education classes focused on abstinence only or solely on avoiding pregnancy. This workshop turns your memories of sex ed on their head! Throughout the workshop, Jack helps participants de-center the heteronormativity inherent in those classic narratives and discuss why safeR sex practices are still vital for those of us who identify with queerness. Fun, inclusive, and engaging, this workshop is perfect for college audiences.



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