Speakers: Jamie Utt


Pronouns: He, Him, His

Widely lauded for his ability to engage audiences in constructive conversations about the most difficult topics, Jamie has spoken to more than 250 conferences, colleges, universities, businesses, and K-12 schools. A former high school teacher, Jamie has a unique ability to make complex ideas accessible for any audience, and his presentations are sure to have audiences on the edge of their seat.

Jamie’s Presentations

“Tipping the Scales”

Length: 50-60 minutes

Ideal for a high school assembly, “Tipping the Scales” uses the social theory of critical mass to help students understand the power that they have to make a positive change to end bullying and build inclusive school environments. More than just a “power of one” type of assembly, Jamie engages the audience to understand the power that comes when a small group of people get organized and act together to make sure everyone has a place in their community.

“The Wall”

Length: 90-120 minutes

“The Wall” helps audiences understand the personal role that they can play in ending the prejudice, bigotry, and hate that divides our communities and is by far Jamie’s most popular presentation. This presentation is time tested, having been delivered hundreds of times over the last 10 years, and it is guaranteed to leave your community with measurable tools for creating justice and ending bullying.

“The Antidote”

Length: 50-60 minutes

Geared toward middle school audiences, “The Antidote” employes hilarious and heartbreaking stories from Jamie’s youth to help young people understand the power that they have to make a difference in one person’s life. Leaving them with the “3 Ain’t Gonnas,” three tools for building an inclusive community, this assembly will give your students language for holding one another accountable while engaging them all in being UPstanders.

“This Ain’t Your Mama’s Bullying”

Length: 60 minutes

His most dynamic presentation for parents and community members, this keynote-style address helps adults understand the ways that bullying has changed since we were young and helps them understand exactly what role they can play in building an inclusive school. Covering issues of cyber bullying, zero-tolerance policies, and empathy, this keynote is guaranteed to leave your parents and community members invigorated and ready to take up their role in building an inclusive community.


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