Speakers: Sara Whitestone


Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Sara, a student at the University of Cincinnati, engages audiences with her dynamic story telling and passion for life. While living with a chronic illness, she raises awareness about accessibility issues in education and the STEM fields. As an advocate for change, she inspires her peers to take social responsibility and improve the well-being of their communities and consequently themselves.

Sara’s Presentations

“The Wall”

Length: 90-120 minutes

“The Wall” helps audiences understand the personal role that they can play in ending the prejudice, bigotry, and hate that divides our communities and is by far CivilSchools’ most popular presentation. This presentation is time tested, and it is guaranteed to leave your community with measurable tools for creating justice and ending bullying. Trained by our founder, Jamie Utt, to deliver The Wall, Sara brings her own unique style and story to this highly-engaging interactive experience.

“To Do: Avoiding Burnout and the Importance of Self Care”

Length: 50-60 minutes

In a society where Netflix might be the only one asking “Are you still there?” Sara teaches the vital importance of mindful self-care and how to support others in this fast-paced society to audiences of all ages. Preventing youth suicide begins with creating spaces for dialogue and sharing tools for coping with the increasing stresses of today’s students. In this workshop, Sara offers specific strategies and tools for helping people prioritize the self care that will enable them to succeed and thrive in other areas of life.


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