Student UPstander Intervention Training

If there’s a single group who has the most power to transform school culture and climate to build a culture of civility and prevent bullying, it’s students.

But rarely are students trained in what it actually looks like to address bullying and build more inclusive campus environments.

CivilSchools™ offers a day-long intervention training guaranteed to transform students from bystanders into UPstanders equipped to build a critical mass of positive culture advocates for your campus community.

These activities will prove to be incredibly valuable in their development and better equip them to be an authentic yet compassionate leader as they enter the globalized economy.

Student UPstander Intervention Training Includes:

Module A – Understanding the Causes and Nature of Identity-Based Bullying

Module A helps students identify and put a dynamic vocabulary to something they already know too well: the nature of bullying in modern schools.

Module B – Engaging Everyone

Recognizing that schools can’t realistically train every single student, Module B empowers students to engage other movers and shakers on campus in their cultural transformation through tried and true methods of building critical mass.

Module C – Being an UPstander

Module C gets students into the nitty gritty of what it actually looks like to shape culture, intervene when bullying behavior is happening, and support those impacted by bullying in their school. Our 3rd module takes students through role plays and strategizing sessions to turn them into:

Social Normers – Students who impact wider culture and climate

Interrupters – Students with the knowledge and skills to interrupt bullying behavior when it’s happening
First Responders – Peer advocates who can come to the aid of those impacted by bullying behavior.